Maths tutoring

Chris Boyd

The brilliant Mr B makes maths videos for the Primrose Kitten YouTube Channel. So you can see his teaching style in action, before you get in contact with him. He has been a secondary teacher for 9 years including specific experience with small maths intervention and revision groups for students falling behind.

Online tutoring starts at £30 per hour for GCSE Maths. 

The first session can either be half price (£15 for 60 minutes) on a topic you chose, or a full price extended session (£30 for 90 minutes) to do a supervised past paper (including prompts and teaching if stuck) to identify topic which need to be covered.

Use the form below to contact Chris directly for your online exam preparation and revision.

Humanities Tutoring

Tim Ingham

Tim make the Humanities content for Primrose Kitten, covering citizenship, history Law and politics.

11+ tutoring covers; Maths, english, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning

GCSE tutoring can cover; Law, History, Geography, RE, Citizenship, Economics, Psychology, Sociology and Law

A-Level tutoring can cover; History, Law, Government and Politics, RE, Philosophy and ethics, Geography, Classical Civilisations, Economics, Psychology and Sociology. 

Online tutoring starts at £30 per hour for GCSE and £50 an hour for A-level

Use the form below to contact Tim directly for your online exam preparation and revision.


Science Tutoring

Adam Higgins

Adam is a successful science teacher in Havering with previous experience of one to one tutoring. He has been teaching for 4 years and leads on key stage three science across the school as well as teaching separate biology, chemistry and physics to GCSE. He has also taught combined science to GCSE. Throughout all of the GCSE groups which he has taught over 50 % of students have achieved a grade 7-9. Adam is also experienced with online and distance learning in order to best support students remotely.

Online tutoring is £30 an hour for both key stage three and GCSE

Use the contact from below to contact Adam directly 


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