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Why should you sign up to

Spending extra money to support school studies is a big decision, naturally, you’ll want to make sure you spend money in the best way and you get good value for money!

This page is a comparison between my site and others who do a similar thing.

How can you be so much

Good question! I know people see a link between high prices and quality, but that is not the case here. I’m providing high quality questions at a low price. 

There are two main reasons that my website is so much cheaper than everyone else.

I do this myself

-I haven’t spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on a developer for this website, because I built it myself (I cheer when I write a tiny bit of code and it does what I want it to!)

-I don’t have fancy offices on the bank on the river Thames, I really work from my spare room!

-I don’t have investors who are constantly questioning how much profit I’m making.

I want to help as many people as possible

Making YouTube videos is expensive, time consuming and doesn’t make economic sense (see here or here for interesting articles on the financial side of YouTube videos) but it allows me to teach people who otherwise wouldn’t have a teacher. So I do need to charge for the question, but just enough to allow me to keep doing what I’m doing!!

Notes and assumptions for calculations

  • 3 subjects are taken at A-level over 2 years. 
  • 3 sciences and maths is taken at GCSE over three years.
  • Primrose Kitten Calculations. For GCSE; £10 per subject at GCSE, 4 courses taken ( biology, chemistry. Physics and maths) over three years. £10 x 4 courses x 3 years = £120. For A-Level; £25 per subject, 3 courses taken over 2 years. £25 x 3 courses x 2 years = £150.
  • Seneca Calculations. For CGSE £155.88 (£12.99 / month x 12) per year for 3 years = £467.64. For A-Level £155.88 (£12.99 / month x 12) for 2 years = £311.76.
  • Tassomai calculations. For GCSE, Science is £45 a month, maths is £30 a month, total £75 each month. £75 x 36 months = £2,700. A-Level not available 
  • GCSE Pod Calculations, £200 per year for 3 years = £600
  • MyGCSE Science Calculations. £49.90 for a year x 3 years = £149.70
  • Snap Revise Calculations; Pro package at £59.99 / months for 2 years. 
  • Tailored tutors Calculations; £149/month for 2 years = £3,576