When Should I Start Revising?

Slow and

How we perform depends a lot on how we prepare for our exams and how much we go over the course material. It is best to start early rather than start revising when you only have a week to go until the exams start. There is only one way to extensively review everything you need to know before the start of your exams; a way that allows you to retain everything without exhausting yourself.

How much we recall information plays a significant role in how our exam plays out. In the end, how many all-nighters we pull doesn’t matter if we can’t remember the necessary information. Hence, our grade is very much dependent on how we revise and how much of our material we can actually recall.

An early start (not the morning kind of early) can make all the difference when revising for an exam. This allows you plenty of time to extensively cover every topic and also prevents the need for last-minute cramming.

Active revision is not something that you rush, and it is best to start the revision process early as this means that your brain is fresher and can easily absorb information.

Little and

Revising a little but often is the way to go if you want to revise everything effectively. Studies have shown that ten one-hour sessions spread over several days have yielded better results than a single ten-hour session.

Revising for an hour every day allows your mind to absorb all the information as well as stay fresh. This strategy has also shown to reduce stress and improve cognitive performance and learning.

Effective revision doesn’t necessarily mean that you revise constantly. If you feel yourself getting tired or your focus wavering, it’s best to take a short break and do something different. This allows your brain to rest as well as give it a chance to remember everything you have revised.

The most crucial aspect of all of this is to do a little most days. Say you want to revise for 30 hours for an exam. Doing daily 20 minute sessions for 3 months gives your brain a break and a chance to absorb everything. On the other hand, pulling all-nighters and studying for 30-hours straight is bound to exhaust your mind. This also means that topics will take longer to complete and you are bound to forget things

It is essential to sleep and eat well and do a little most days so you can remember everything.