Summer Start for A-Level

There is a BIG jump between GCSE and A-Level

Lots of students find this a massive shock and sometimes find themselves sitting in class lost, not following what the teacher is saying or wishing they had chosen a different subject.

These course are collections of videos and multiple choice questions that cover some GCSE topics at a slightly harder level and some A-Level topics at a slight easier level. To help you prepare for this jump, and to give you something to so incase you get bored over the summer!

Summer Start for A-Level Maths

This course is made up of a combination of all the topics covered in the various GCSE Further Maths courses (iGCSE/Level 2/level 3/FSMQ) For a full list of topics and what is covered in each course view the product page. 

Summer Start for A-Level Chemistry

This ebook is designed to help you get started on some of the new content and take your GCSE knowledge to a higher level. Because if you managed to get through GCSE not understanding a topic or skipping over some bits you may find you need the extra help.

135 multiple choice questions to reflect the style of exam questions, 60 equations for you to balance (in 3 different formats), 65 compounds for you to work out the formula for and a lots of things that you need to recall for A-Level.