Summer Start for A-Level Maths. 1 Year Access

Summer Start for A-Level Maths. 1 Year Access



This set of questions is to help you prepare for A-Level maths. The content covers harder versions of GCSE skills and easier versions of A-Level skills.

  • Costs less than an hour with a private tutor
  • This revision method is proven to improve recall
  • Access any time or place
  • Thousands of questions specially tailored to your exams
  • Instant feedback
  • Personal profile to track progress

 Try a sample of all the courses for FREE! 

If you are aiming to improve prepare for A-Level Maths, then this is the online course for you! I have THOUSANDS of questions specifically to help you get ready! 

If you need a bit of help because you can’t attend school, or you don’t understand your teacher or the class is too noisy for you to concentrate and understand what is going on.

What is included in the course?

Multiple choice questions for every single lesson, if I would teach a lesson on a subject, then there is a set of questions for it!

What is so amazing about multiple choice questions?

They are brilliant for helping with recall; retrieval practice is a better way to revise the information and make students remember it for longer, compared to other types of revision techniques.

[Super geeky science bit! Cantor et al. 2014 showed that using multiple choice questions in studying improved long-term student access to marginal knowledge. AND McDermott et al., 2014 showed that they could be MORE effective than answering short answer questions]

Will this help in the exam?

Multiple choice questions make up a big part of the exam, and they need a special revision technique to go with them. You need to practice timing, quickly identifying the wrong answers and narrowing down the correct answer. This is a skill that can be learnt and improved.

What sort of questions are on the course?

Some of them will be the necessary recall of facts, and multiple-choice questions (little and often) is a great way to revise.

But not all the questions on the exam will be just about remembering things! So some of the questions will be answering maths questions, some will need a pen and paper so you can work out the answers, some questions have picture or graphs to interpret. Each topic needs a slightly different sort of question, but there is nothing to write down, and you don’t need to wait for a teacher to mark it to find out if you’re right or not.

What feedback do I get?

After you’ve finished a quiz, you can ‘View Questions’ and see which ones you got correct and which you didn’t

How often should I use this?

Little and often is the key with this, if you try a quiz straight after you have a lesson on a topic that will help it sink in. As part of revision a few months before the exams you might bet 50% on the quiz, if you try it again a month later you could get 60% hopefully by the time you go into the exams you’ll know all the content!

Can I sign up for a month?

The best time to start revising is now! It doesn’t matter if you’re reading this a year before you sit your exams or a week before. To encourage people to start early I’m only offering yearly access; I don’t want to put a student in the awful position of waiting to use this revision resources until close to the exam because it will be cheaper.

Is this better than a private tutor?

It’s not the same, so I’m not going to say better or worse. But it is a lot less than the cost of an hour of personal tuition and can be used instead of or as well as depending on your preference.

Is this revision or teaching? 

This is revision for exams; all the teaching is done on my YouTube channel (for FREE!) this is to help you remember things and work out answers not to teach you new content.

Is this for students for school?

Either! The standard sign up is aimed at students at home, if schools want to sign up whole classes, the best thing to do is to look at the school pricing pages and then get in contact!

I’ve tried to read your mind, and predict everything you’ll ask, feel free to look at the FAQs before signing up!

Are worked examples/fully worked answers included?

No, that would have pushed the time to create this site up massively and would have made everything more expensive. I’ve tried to balance the site being really helpful and affordable for as many people as possible.

Can I download the questions?

No, these are all internet-based questions, pdf workbooks are available to purchase in the shop.

Are the workbooks included?

No, this is just access to the online course, use the ‘expand all’ button to see the quizzes that are currently available for this course.

If you have done GCSE or Level 2 further maths some of this content is reused here, but there is more content, a full summary of what is included in each individual further maths course is below, this Summer Start for A-Level Maths includes EVERY topic from all boards.




Exam Board
Mixed fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, BIDMAS
Product Rule for Counting (inc permutations and combinations)
Laws of Indices (inc with algebra)
Surds (inc rationalising)
Logarithms (inc base change and equations)


Functions (inc composite and inverse)
Expand Brackets (inc pascal/binomial expansion)
Factorise (inc Algebraic Fractions)
Factor Theorem (inc factorise, solve and Algebraic Division)
Solve linear/quadratic/cubic equations and inequalities algebraically
Solve simultaneous equations algebraically (inc three unknowns and quadratics)
Rearrange equations and proof/identities
Solve equations with iterative methods


Sequences & Series
Linear and Quadratic Sequences (nth term and limiting values)
Arithmetic Series
Geometric Series
Binomial Series


Gradients (inc parallel and perpendicular)
Midpoints and lengths (inc ratio and Pythagoras)
Straight Line Equations (inc drawing)
Circle Equations (inc tangents and points of intersection and chord estimations)
Sketch/read graphs of functions/polynomials/exponential/logarithmic
Solve linear/quadratic/simultaneous equations and inequalities graphically


First and Second Derivatives
Differentiate for tangent and normal equations
Sketch curve using increasing/decreasing and minima/maxima points
Integration (inc definite and indefinite integrals)
Calculus in kinematics or to find area/volume or to find area between area/curve or two curves
Trapezium rule/rectangular strips to estimate area


Mixed Area, Perimeter, Surface Area and Volume (inc circles)
Mixed Angle Facts and Circle Theorems
Geometric Proof






2D and 3D Pythagoras
Trigonometry (Trig, Sin/Cos Rules, Area of Triangle)
Sketch and use trig graphs
Trigonometric Equations (using identities) in given intervals
Radians (inc arc length and sector area)


Vectors & Mechanics
Matrix Addition/Multiplication
Matrix Transformations (inc multiple)
Matrix Simultaneous Equations
i and j Vectors (inc magnitude and direction) (inc to find properties of geometric figures)
Displacement/Time & Velocity/Time Graphs (inc constant acceleration formula)


Statistics & Discrete
Two Way Tables, Tree Diagrams, Venn Diagrams
Binomial Probability
Normal Distribution
Mean and SD from grouped data
Moving Averages
Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient and Lines of Best Fit
Boolean Variables and Truth Table (up to three variables)
Linear Programming & Activity Networks
Critical Path Analysis & Gantt Charts


I’ve tried to read your mind and think of any problems you might have, I’ve tried to answer them all here


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