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Student FAQs

Yes, in your profile it will show you what courses you’re signed up tot and what quizzes you’ve completed

You can fix this by clearing your browsers cache. If I’ve updated the site and your browser has an old version stored then it might have a problem showing up.

I’ve separated out the separate science courses into the different sciences to give you more flexibility. Maybe you only need some help in biology and don’t want to pay for Physics; maybe you’re doing higher chemistry but foundation physics; maybe you need AQA for one subject and Edexcel for another.

I tried to get in contact with everyone who had a membership to the old site and transfer the across if I miss you just let me know and I’ll fix it

For some reason most are going into spam folders, if you can’t find it there get in contact 


I’m working as quickly as I can to change everything into the correct order for each exam board.  

In this order…

  1. AQA
  2. OCR-A
  3. Edexcel
  4. WJEC
  5. Eduqas
  6. OCR-B
  7. Edexcel internatonal
  8. CIE
  9. AQA Oxford 
  10. CCEA
  11. SQA

The other website was set up on an ‘easy’ to build platform and I managed to build a website during babies nap time, so it was pretty easy. But it was also very basic, this new site is MUCH more sophisticated.  

The problem with it being more sophisticated it that it’s taking me longer to work out how to make it dow what I want it to. I’m a teacher not a web developer, so every bit of html that I write take me ages and every time I update something another bit breaks!

Soon everything will be on this website but at the moment its a bit of a transition period

You can fix this by clearing your browsers cache. If I’ve updated the site and your browser has an old version stored then it might have a problem showing up.

I’m a human being and while adding thousands of questions to this site, I’m sure at some point I’ve click A when it should be B, Just let me know and I’ll fix it 

Each GCSE course is £10 for a year and the A-Level courses are £25.

Combined science is £20 as it is 2 GCSEs

There is more content to write and the content is more complicated so it takes longer to write

This is a really good question, and I thought long and hard about starting these questions. All of my videos on YouTube are free to access but they take a really long time to make and the equipment is expensive to buy. I need to charge a tiny amount for these questions to help me make more videos for you.

Access is for one calendar year, for example if you sign up on 1st May 2020, you’ll have access until 1st May 2021. You may be able to time it so access covers your year 10 mocks and you real exams in year 11.

Full explanation here 

But in brief, because I’ve made this myself from my spare room. Not from fancy offices in London, without the help of expensive web developers. I don’t have high costs that need to be passed on

Probably, I’m dyslexic so it’s something I really struggle with. 

Once you’ve started using the course I’m unable to offer a refund. 

But If you made a genuine mistake and signed up for the wrong course etc then get in contact 

The best time to start revision is as early as possible, thats why I only do year memberships. Monthly memberships would be unfair to students who want to start revising early

Multiple choice questions on every single lesson. If I would teach a lesson on a subject then there is a set of questions for it!

They are brilliant for helping with recall, retrieval practice has been shown to be a better way to revise information, and make students remember it for longer, compared to other types of revision techniques

Some of them will be basic recall of facts and multiple choice questions (little and often) has been shown to be a great way to revise.

But not all the questions on the exam will be just about remembering things! So some of the questions will be answering maths questions, some will need a pen and paper so you can work out the answers, some questions have picture or graphs to interpret. Each topic needs a slightly different sort of question, but there is nothing to write down and you don’t need to wait for a teacher to mark it to find out if you’re right or not.

After you’ve finished a quiz you can ‘View Questions’ and see which ones you got correct and which you didn’t

Little and often is the key with this, if you try a quiz straight after you have a lesson on a topic that will help it sink in. As part of revision a few months before the exams you might bet 50% on the quiz, if you try it again a month later you could get 60% hopefully by the time you go into the exams you’ll know all the content!

This is revision for exams, all the teaching is done on my YouTube channel (for FREE!) this is to help you remember things and work out answers not to teach you new content.

Either! The standard sign up is aimed at students at home, if schools want to sign up whole classes the best thing to do is to look at the school pricing pages and then get in contact!

No, that would have pushed the time to create this site up massively and would have made everything more expensive. I’ve tried to balance the site being really helpful and affordable for as many people as possible.

This course is a combination of different skills at different levels. I’ve divided each topic into easy, medium and hard questions. If you’re starting a new topic or aren’t very confident, then start with the easy questions, if you’re not sure how confident you are on a topic, begin with the medium questions. If you’re aiming for the top grades and its the day before the exam, try the hard questions. Easy/medium/hard don’t correspond to grades but confidence in a topic.

As mentioned on the product descriptions all workbooks are pdf downloads and not physical copies. Nothing will be sent in the post

You should have automatically received two e-mails, the second one from Fetch contains a download link. You can just click on this link and the pdf should start to be download automatically.The advantage to downloading it from Fetch, is that you will be automatically updated if I need to make any changes to the document.If you can’t find the second e-mail, try checking your spam folder, or searching your inbox. If you think you’ve deleted it by mistake or can’t find the email, please get back in contact with me.If you visit https://primrose-kitten.fetchapp.com/orders enter your order number and email you will be taken directly to the download page

If you have downloaded the product, then unfortunately I cannot give you a refund

The expiry date for the orders is written in an American format (I can’t change it!) so it may look like its much sooner than it really is. You have 3 months from order to download items, you can click the links 30 times. please download and save the items. Contact me if you need the link sent again


None of my downloads or courses have been seen or checked or endorsed by any exam board.

My exam predictions are just GUESSES!! I don’t have any insider knowledge just years of looking at exam papers.

I have done some work for the exam boards (Videos for Edexcel) had coffee with the subject leaders lots of time and written some revision guides that are endorsed by AQA.

Teacher FAQs


A big part of the reason I do this is because this is the website I wanted to be able to use as a teacher, but it didn’t exist. 

So, I’ve made it and I want to make it available to as many teachers as possible. 

Get in contact here 

Yes, assuming you’re the one who set up the group, and your school has a membership.

If your students have individual memberships, then no

Affiliate FAQs

0-10 courses sold using your code

  • 10% discount code for your followers
  • 10% referral fee paid back to you

11-25 courses sold using your code

  • 10% discount code for your followers
  • 10% referral fee paid back to you
  • FREE course of your choice

26-50 courses sold using your code

  • 10% discount code for your followers
  • 15% referral fee paid back to you
  • Two FREE courses of your choice

50+ courses sold using your code

  • 20% discount code for your followers
  • 20% referral fee paid back to you
  • Unlimited FREE courses of your choice

These can be changed at any time without notice.

Nearly anyone!

I get the final say on all sign ups and I’m looking for people who will represent me! 

  • active on social media
  • following who are studying for GCSEs or A-Levels in the UK or internationally
  • over 18, or will full knowledge and content of parent or guardian
  • not affiliate with any other similar brand

By PayPal, once a month, once your balance is over £20.

You can Log In to you affiliate account and see

I’m a nice person (I like to think!) I’m not going to spam you, sell your data, or check up on what your doing. Thats not what I’m interested in! But legally I have to have policies telling you what I do with data etc. So here they are!