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Very conveniently all the exam board have papers on the same day. So AQA, Edexcel and OCR all one the same day

Combined Science (1 hour and 15-minute paper) or separate sciences (1 hour and 45-minute paper) all on the same day!

You can buy predicted papers and workbooks from my shop

AQA Paper 1 video;

Edexcel Paper 1 video;

OCR-Gateway Paper 1 video; 


The new Oxford Revise Series can help you revise

Oxford Revise AQA GCSE Physics

Oxford Revise AQA GCSE chemistry

Oxford Revise AQA GCSE  biology

Oxford Revise AQA GCSE combined science higher

Oxford Revise AQA GCSE combined science foundation

These dates are taken from the exam boards website, but they might change without me noticing and while I’ve tried my hardest to get them all correct I’m human so I might have made a mistake. Please check the exam timetable your school or exams centres give you carefully to ensure you revise the right thing for the right day and turn up at the right time in the right place!

Good Luck 🙂

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